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    Starting Sept 16/17, 2015, runs through the school year. Please note Classroom/Classtime in Registration or email to specify.
    Our Weekly Enrichment Programs at Cool Beans Playhouse, open to ages 3-6.
  • I/We, the undersigned, are the parent(s) of the above named child/children and we agree, in taking advantage of this child care service, to release and hold harmless The Nanny Brigade, LLC. from any and all claims, demands, suits, cost, and charges in connection with or arising out of the child care service, including, but not limited to, bodily harm or injury to our children, except only for loss, harms or injury occasioned by gross negligence or intentional misconduct by The Nanny Brigade, LLC. I hereby grant permission for The Nanny Brigade, LLC. and its employees full authority to take whatever actions they deem necessary regarding my child’s health and safety in the event I cannot be reached or in the situation where time is of the essence; and fully release The Nanny Brigade, LLC and its employees from any liability in connection with those decisions, I grant permission for emergency treatment by a rescue squad, private physician and/or hospital or emergency health care facility staff if needed. Any such action will be taken in the best interest of my child and will be reported to me as soon as possible.


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