Tips From Event Nannies

What is different about premier special event nannies? Can’t we just hire a teenage sitter?

Our event nannies are highly trained, extremely qualified and pull out tricks from left field to keep kids stimulated, motivated and thriving during their stay with The Nanny Brigade. We picked the brain of one of our most popular nannies and asked her what her top five tricks are when working a successful event.

1. Preparing for the evening ahead of time is crucial. Going over the venue space provided, looking over the demographics of the expected group of children allows us to make a plan for the space and expected group of kids. Next, we always have a layout of the flow of the evening available for parents, and the room is set up in activity pods, so you get a good spread of the options available for the kids.

All event nannies have a fun list of go to hand games and popular children songs. This list comes in handy when a child starts    to fuss, the nanny can instantly have access to a variety of quick ideas and within seconds be executing a new technique trying    to soothe and entertain the child.

Being prepared in advance with a plan leaves more time for the Nannies to be interacting with the children instead of gathering supplies and trying to scrounge an idea. It also gives the kids a sense of calm to know their options for play and what to expect for the evening.

2. Our team is always ready to work with the children as soon as they arrive onsite. Our event managers handle the parent check in and the nannies are quick to engage with the children, getting them busy with an activity creating an opportunity for the parents to slip away, we love happy drop offs, and by providing an event manager on-site to handle the parent interaction, it allows the nannies the freedom to focus solely on the young guests.  Once we gain their trust and start to play with them, the parent slip out is not dramatic at all and the child is enthralled in their new activity.

3. Our commitment to quality in staff and peace of mind for parents.  Our Nanny teams are assembled, background checked, CPR/First Aid Certified, and also have great resumes reflecting their diverse backgrounds with public education, and early childhood education.  We also have a training process that helps our Nannies and Event Managers best work together, and best serve special events. Through our onsite layout we always allow parents a number to call or text for check in updates. As a parent myself I know that if my children are enjoying themselves in turn I can relax and enjoy myself as well.

 4. Children love to have fun and make friends. Our team of Nannies prides ourselves on being approachable to the children as well. We wear fun hats, pins, jewelry and costume pieces early in the evening to act as an icebreaker for the kids, and they realize we like to have fun too! When we meet the children and play with them we are always physically getting on their level. We get down on the floor to talk and enjoy games with the kids. When it comes to discipline, positive reinforcement and redirection are our policy. We love kids and we love to have fun with them! That is why we offer Top Notch Event Care for your Youngest Guests!